Frequently Asked Questions for Evolution GO

  • What is Evolution GO?
    It is an online "studio" providing on-demand yoga content that can be streamed to multiple devices: Android devices, iOS devices, Macs and PC's. In time, we plan to be made available on devices such as Roku, Amazon TV, and have our own downloadable app.

  • How do you stream Evolution GO content?
    You can choose which subscription best fits your lifestyle.

    Basic Subscription, $14.99/mo 
    Offers subscribers access to a full library of content including meditation, yoga, skill work, kids yoga, and prenatal/postnatal yoga. Content also includes videos to support your practice at any level with pose and sequence breakdowns for the full sequence of Journey Into Power (JIP).
  • Balance Subscription, $24.99/mo
    Offers everything from the basic level PLUS Monthly series supporting around yoga as a life-style with educational videos from doctors, nutritionists, and wellness experts! This level also gives access to any full-length recordings from yoga workshops hosted at Evolution Power Yoga studios. 
  • Both subscriptions plans offer a 10 day free trial for all new subscribers!

  • Why am I required to enter my Credit Card information? Will I be charged during my free trial?
    No, you won’t be charged during your free trial period. We require your Credit Card information to ensure an uninterrupted subscription access experience. You can cancel anytime before your free trial is over to avoid being charged.

  • Can I cancel my membership? 
    Yes, you can cancel your membership at any time before or after the free trial ends. Go to PROFILE > YOUR ACCOUNT > BILLING > Under ACTIVE PLAN, select CHANGE PLAN > CANCEL MEMBERSHIP.

  • What happens after the free trial period?
    If you do not cancel before your free trial period ends, you will be automatically charged for your subscription.
  • Who is Evolution GO for? 
    Evolution GO is for anyone that is looking to continue or start their yoga practice when they do not have access to a studio. This includes audiences who for whatever reason may not be ones to come to a studio to practice, those on vacation, those with limited time schedules, etc. It is also a great addition to your in-studio practice.

  • How do you sign up for Evolution GO?
    Evolution GO is entirely online. Subscribers will go to www.myevolutiongo.com and purchase their subscriptions there. Evolution GO is in no way associated with Mindbody.

  • Can I purchase a gift card for Evolution GO?
    After purchasing the gift card, a redemption code is then instantly generated for you to send to the gift recipient. A copy of this code, along with a receipt, will be sent to you via email. To give your friend the code to redeem, you can then either forward the email to the person you're gifting (the recipient) or instantly print the code and give it to them personally. You can purchase them HERE.

  • Can I use my evolutiongoyoga.com gift card on evolutionpoweryoga.com?
    No - gift cards for Evolution GO can only be redeemed on evolutiongoyoga.com and are non-transferrable with Evolution's other entities.
  • What is the relationship between Evolution Power Yoga and Evolution GO?
     Evolution GO is a product of Evolution Power Yoga studios, located in Central Pennsylvania, USA. Evolution GO is the on-demand digital subscription-based platform, separate from our physical studio locations. 

  • What content will I find on Evolution GO? 
    For our initial launch, the available content will be a selection of meditation videos ranging from 5-20 minutes, Journey Into Power (JIP) pose breakdowns, JIP energetic intentions, and a 40 Days 20-minute practice. We will continually be adding new content to the streaming service. Our Balance level provides.

  • How do I apply a coupon code?
    Upon checkout, there is a box that asks for a promo code. This is where you will enter the promo code shared with you by the Evolution team.  The system will prompt you to enter your credit card information so it can roll you into your selected monthly subscription after the free trial is over. 
  • If you need further assistance, email evogo@evolutionpoweryoga.com